Using a unique manufacturing process, SCHONLAU cast iron has a nonporous, crowned surface that is smooth and rounded. It has no sharp edges, burrs, corners or abrupt high/low surfaces that can cause abrasions and other physical injuries. SCHONLAU cast-iron slats are slip resistant to allow superior traction and improve physical control.


The crowned surface allows your sows the ability to get up and down easily. A sow that physically has more control will lay on fewer pigs; will eat, drink, and nurse better; and with less stress, will produce heavier pigs at weaning time.  Teat and foot injuries and shoulder abrasions are drastically reduced. One of the most crucial 

aspects of any farrowing operation is to provide a surface that protects your sows from physical injuries. Fewer injuries will result in greater production and higher profits.  SCHONLAU cast iron provides a cooler surface for your sows. A cooler surface is preferred by sows, but not by piglets. The piglets spend less time on the cooler surface, resulting in less crushing deaths. 

SCHONLAU cast iron has been tested, used, and perfected for over 34 years, producing a material that is flexible with a high tensile strength. With installations in Germany since the 1960s, and in Canada since 1978, SCHONLAU invites you to compare and take advantage of the best service life available.


Designed by Adam Smith

Copy write Agronoma International